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As we get closer to Easter it is important for us to realise the opportunity that is in front of us. Easter is a time where people who rarely or never go to church are willing to come and hear the gospel message. There is a power in our invite, especially at this time.

So we want to empower all of you with tools to be able to invite your friends and they are listed below in order of importance.

1. Personal invitation - Grab some chocolate eggs and a flyer and knock on your neighbour’s door, colleague at work, friend from school and ask them personally to join you. Why not ask 3 people to come? Phone calls and texts are also great.

2. Flyers in a letterbox - Walk your street and put flyers in the letterboxes and pray over your neighbours as you go.

3. Facebook invite - We have created some ads and events on Facebook for you to invite friends and family. Use the invite button to invite everyone you are believing to come.

This is an opportunity to bring people to a place where they will feel welcome, loved, valued and where they will hear the message of Jesus. It’s an incredible moment that we should grab a hold of with both hands.  

Pastors Andrew and Rachel.