We read a quote from Carey Neiuwhof this week that said, “If self-care is important in normal times, it is ten times more important now.” Jesus Himself knew that self-care was of great importance. That’s why He regularly took time out to refill and refresh. We need to do the same. You may have heard some Christians say that self-care has no place in the Christian life. In their view, it is “selfish.” But in Matthew 22:39, Jesus says, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” So, if you don’t love yourself, how can you gauge how to love those around you? So how do we take care of ourselves? We need to make sure we are refilling our physical, emotional and spiritual fuel tanks.

Physical Fuel Tank

Ask yourself these questions. Am I eating well, doing regular exercise, having a holiday once in a while and getting plenty of sleep?

Emotional Fuel Tank

What energises you? Is it going for a long walk by yourself, reading a book or hanging out with friends? Find what energises you and make sure you prioritise this in your week.

Spiritual Fuel Tank

Are you taking time away from the daily grind to pray, read the Bible and get in touch with God? These kind of actions are like the emergency masks on an aeroplane. We must first ensure we are ready in order for us to be able to effectively help others.

In preparation for coming back to hosting services in our building, this Sunday we are going to be bringing you our first LIVE service. As this is a whole new thing for us please pray for and support the entire team as we bring our best.


Have a blessed week.

Pastors Andrew and Rachel.