What an incredible Easter weekend! Church was packed, people were baptised and lives were changed.

In the busyness and excitement of everything that happened over the weekend, it’s easy to miss the small moments that make everything so worthwhile. The conversations and connections.

It’s these small moments I want to reflect on today. The young person who drove 3 hours to watch a family member get baptised, and made a decision to follow Jesus. The family who came because they had a flyer in the letterbox and want to keep coming back to church. The lady who was invited after a conversation in a café and left with renewed hope. The holidaymakers who happened to stop in at church on the way to and from visiting family in other towns, who were blown away by the presence of God in the services.

All of these small stories happen because of the faithfulness and willingness of individuals. The invite, small or large, personal and passive, all amount to people’s lives being impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And that is who and why we do what we do. May we never become complacent with the gift that we have been given and fail to share it with those who need it most.

Easter can be big and busy, but let’s never lose sight of the small moments that make the difference to people.

We are blessed to have Jeanette Thompson with us this Sunday morning. Jeanette is one of our incredible missionary partners and we cannot wait for her to join us this weekend!

We love you church. Have a blessed week!

Pastors Andrew & Rachel.