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This past weekend I spoke on 7 Habits of a Highly effective believer. I recommend that this is a message that gets replayed and soaked in because we all have habits. Some of them helpful, some of them harmful. So why not build some good habits.

The Habits are:
The Word

These are in essence the characteristics of how a disciple of Jesus should act. But if it is not surrounded in LOVE for each other and for those who do not know Jesus then it is nothing. 

Just remember and be encouraged that if you have bad habits, you are in good company. The apostle Paul struggled in this regard. Romans 7:14-25 outlines his struggle but gives thanks to God for freeing us from this Body of sin!!

One of the key traits that I think is bound in love is committing to pray for and inviting people to church. We would love for everyone to commit to pray for 3 people. You can submit your names (first name only) to

We also launched our Church App on Sunday which is a brand new way of interacting together. We would love for you to download this app and keep updated and also to be able to pray for each other. Click here to downlaod

And in regards to building good habits, we also gifted to the whole church a subscription to RightNow Media. Christian content for the whole family. You can watch it on your phone, computer, TV. To sign up for this please click on this link.

We love you church and are praying for you to have the best week ever!!

Ps Andrew & Rachel